Train with our team of professional instructors!

Our Youth Development coaching staff focuses on working on young athletes’ movement and development to introduce fundamental skills. We’re committed to creating long-term, healthy athletic development for all ages of players.

Through our player assessments, training, and arm care programs, athletes receive the training they need to perform their best on the field.

  • All players must complete at least three months of training at each level in order to be considered to move up to the next level. Our instructors will make the final determination as to when they are ready to move up. 
  • Students will meet for four, 1-hour sessions a month (once a week) for each class they are registered in
    • If a player wants a second or third day of classes per week, they should pick a different skill set for each class.
  • All four classes must be completed by the end of the month and will not carry over into subsequent months.
Level OverviewHitting ProgramPitching ProgramFielding/Throwing Program
Level 1
(Age 5-7)
Introduction to baseball fundamentalsDeveloping correct stance and swing; Proper hand/eye coordinationIntroduction to correct pitching motion, balance and arm pathIntroduction to basic throwing, catching and fielding
Level 2
(Age 8-10)
Build upon skills learned in Level 1Focus on mechanics, balance, load, finish, and swing pathContinued focus on mechanics, balance, stride, and intro to change-upFocus on footwork, glove control , throwing mechanics
Level 3
(Age 11-12; Advanced Little League; Travel Players)
Preparation for Junior ProgramsUnderstanding approach and zones, situational hitting, bunting, sac vs. hitPitch accuracy, pickoffs, advanced pitching mechanicsCrow-hops, shuffling, fielding progression, quick hands

MAY 2024 SCHEDULE - Click on Link Below to Register

Hitting: Level 1/25 PM - 6 PM
Hitting: Level 2/35 PM - 6 PM
Pitching Level 1/26 PM - 7 PM
Pitching: Level 2/36 PM - 7 PM

Monthly Tuition:

  • 3 classes per week/12 hours per month  $300
  • 2 classes per week/8 hours per month    $225
  • 1 class per week/4 hours per month        $125