For athletes who want to get better behind the plate. Our D2 Catchers Program is designed to prepare catchers by teaching them the fundamentals of blocking, receiving, transferring, and throwing.
Our D2 Catchers Program (ages 14 and up) and D2 Catchers Junior Program (ages 11-13) are powered by TopVelocity.

4D Motion analysis for throwing and hitting mechanics, featured in all programs


The following schedule is for the off-season (October through March).


To register for the Elite Development Program, please call 845-896-3340.


Catchers meet Tuesdays and Thursdays for catching days (time based on age/experience), plus two days of Game Changer Strength & Agility Training (classes available Monday through Friday).


Makeup sessions for both catching and strength & agility training are available Saturdays.


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gc jr team schedule
gc team schedule