Coach Angel Lugo, owner of the Cadets Player Development Academy, has been a leader in baseball training for over 20 years. After being drafted by the Minnesota Twins as a shortstop in 1988 he later transitioned to be a pitcher with the Florida Marlins and the Toronto Blue Jays. At the end of his professional career he became dedicated to sharing his knowledge and passion for the game with young people looking to succeed at higher levels of baseball.  

In addition to running CPDA, Coach Lugo currently serves as the Pitching Coach for Mount St. Mary's College in Newburgh, NY,  and is the New York State Coordinator for USA Baseball's North Atlantic NTIS.  

Coach Lugo’s EXCLUSIVE Year-Round Mentoring Program is a comprehensive and science-based training program that covers over 200 hours of training.  Only 20 players will be accepted into the program.

The program includes almost every aspect of baseball skill set development including hitting, pitching, and fielding. Players will have unlimited access to all of the CPDA player development programs throughout the year, including dedicated times for hitting and throwing pens during the in-season.

Coach Lugo will also analyze players' games through video recording and get radar readings for pitchers and hitters in game BESR. 

In addition, players will receive access to various training programs throughout the year, such as Senaptec, Win Reality, Hit-Trax, Rapsodo, Sportrace, and On-Form unlimited video analysis. They will also have access to recovery zones and arm care apps. 

Furthermore, the program includes ten (10) private lessons and ten (10) recovery sessions, as well as a Top Velocity app one-year subscription managed virtually.  Additionally, players will receive a mental MRI by Dr. Hansen.

What's Included:

  • Unlimited Monthly Programs        $3,500
  • 10 Private Lessons                       $1,100
  • 10 Recovery Classes w/Trainer       $400
  • (1) Game Video Review                   $125
  • Annual Rapsodo Subscription          $180 
  • Annual HitTrax Subscription             $180
  • Annual Pocket Radar Subscription     $60 
  • Annual Senaptec Subscription          $300
  • Annual Sportrstace/On Form              $50 
  • Mental MRI Test                                  $95
  • Mental MRI Test Review                    $125 
  • Annual Top Velocity App                    $495 
  • Player Mentoring                      No Price Tag!

                                              Total Value: $6,485

   Discount for 12 Month Commitment:  $1,385

Final Program Cost:  $5,100 or $450 per month for 12 months plus $500 for initial evaluation

*Note: If you are using Kings Of Fitness or a private trainer you can deduct the Top Velocity app cost of  $495