Player Spotlight: John Ahearn (October 2021)

Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 9.04.06 PM
During the hottest months of this year, John Ahearn has been able to make significant progress as measured by some of our key performance metrics (via precise laser and radar tracking systems).
At his initial testing in June 2021, Ahearn registered the following metrics:
10 yard sprint time: 2.01 seconds
30 yard sprint time: 4.15 seconds
60 yard sprint time: 7.45 seconds
Four-seam fastball velocity: 77 mph
June is notable, because it's when school baseball shuts down for the year, and players pick back up with their travel baseball teams. During these months, many players experience fatigue due to the heat and playing games and, if not training, eating, and recovering properly, can experience a decline in their skills.
When John retested in August 2021, here's how he fared:
10 yard sprint time: 1.70 seconds
(-0.31 seconds, or 15.4% better)
30 yard sprint time: 3.96 seconds
(-0.19 seconds, or 4.6% better)
60 yard sprint time: 7.23 seconds
(-0.22 seconds, or 3.0% better)
Four-seam fastball velocity: 82 mph
(+5 mph, or 6.5% better)
Ahearn was not only able to produce quicker sprint times across the board in August than in June, but he was also able to add velocity to his fastball and surpass the 80-mph mark for the first time. John is a great example of how continuing to maintain and build athleticism even during the season can allow players to continue down the path of unlocking their potential.