New Website for the 2020 Season!

Welcome to our new website! Here, you will be able to find necessary information regarding the Cadets teams, programs, and more!


Cadets Baseball and the Cadets Player Development Academy (CPDA)

The new website will contain information regarding Cadets Baseball and the Cadets Player Development Academy (CPDA):

  • Cadets Baseball
    • Information regarding travel teams


  • Cadets Player Development Academy (CPDA)
    • Information regarding programs, such as Top Gun Pitching and Zone it Up Hitting
    • Information regarding training, such as Game Changer Strength & Agility and Split Second Visual



To view our Cadets teams for the 2020 season, click here.


For players interested in trying out for the Cadets, click here to find out about our season-by-season breakdown, tryout locations, and more.



Three Corners

Located underneath the Cadets tab, our new corner pages are designed to be a dedicated source of information for our players, parents, and coaches.


The Players Corner is a password-protected page for Cadets players, and will provide players with access to game and practice schedules, workout plans, nutritional information, SportsRecruits, and much more!


The Parents Corner contains information regarding Cadets games, hotel information, blogs, and other news. This page is not password-protected.


The Coaches Corner is a password-protected channel of communication for coaches to find scheduling information for fields, practice times, games, practice plans, and contact information.




We've updated our CPDA instructor profiles, as well as our Cadets coaches profiles - both of which can be found underneath the Staff tab. Check these pages out to find out more information about our baseball, softball, and strength & agility instructors.




If you are interested in signing up for Top Gun Pitching, any of our positional programs, or training classes, we now have more information on each! We will continue to add new content to this page throughout the year.


Pages have been created for each program and class containing descriptions as well as videos of our CPDA instructors working with our athletes.