As recommended by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), we have tailored our sports performance training to match the needs of different athletes by breaking them up into five developmental levels. Upon assessment, athletes are placed at their respective training level - over time, athletes may either be invited to train up a level, or be asked to train down a level, depending on how they develop individually.


For more information on NSCA guidelines, click here.



Learn to Train (Males 9 – 12 and Females 8 – 11)

Level 1 (10U, 11U)

Our introductory level for athletes who are new to strength and conditioning. These classes will focus mainly on calisthenics (body weight training) and plyometrics (explosive movements) as we develop your athlete’s fine motor skills and prepare them for more advanced movement patterns moving forward. 



Train to Train (Males 12 – 16 and Females 11 – 15)

Level 2 (12U)

This is our intermediate level for athletes with prior experience in sport-specific training. Athletes will continue to train primarily with calisthenics and plyometrics, although light weights will start to be incorporated to provide resistance without inhibiting the growth of your athletes musculature. 


Level 3 (13U)

This is our moderate level of training for athletes who are advanced enough to start strength training. At this point, your athlete has developed muscles and stable joints, and will begin learning about introductory weight training concepts and procedures, while continuing to harness their fine motor skills and explosive type movements to create an overall athlete. 


Level 4 (14U)

This is our advanced level of training for athletes who have mastered the core principles of exercise, and are ready to begin Olympic-style lifting, which has been proven to be the most effective exercise regimen for athletes. As each lift is very unique and technical, athletes in this level will be monitored heavily for precision before being allowed to perform the lift on their own. 


Level 5 (15U+)

This is our prestige level of training for athletes who have been training with us for multiple years. Members of this class have mastered their fine motor movements and understand safe and effective form and technique for weight training. These athletes will have some supervision and coaching, but will have the ability to take a prescribed workout plan and perform it on their own.

Our in-house weighlifting regimen designed to improve players' speed, strength, and overall athleticism.