spring recess softball hittrax tourney flyer

Calling all high school softball players! Come compete in our spring recess one-day HitTrax tournament from 10am to 3pm.


  • 3-5 players per team, 4 teams total


  • Teams will be seeded from most runs scored to fewest runs scored; all teams will make playoffs


  • Games will be 7 innings or 30 minutes, whichever comes first


  • Pitching: players will face fastballs between 50-55mph via pitching machine, using softballs.



  • PRIZES: Players on all 1st place teams will receive a CPDA shirt + a free visual training session!



There will be a 30-minute drop dead time limit for all games: 

  • If the time limit is reached in the top of the inning, the game’s score will revert back to whatever it was in the bottom of the previous inning.
  • If the time limit is reached in the bottom of the inning, the game’s score will be kept as-is.


Bat requirements:

  • All bats must bear the ASA Certified 2004 stamp
  • 2 1/4" barrel diameter 
  • Can not exceed 34 inches in length or 31.5 ounces in weight


Home/away teams will be determined via coin flip.


No bunting (any bunt attempts will be treated as an automatic called strike).


No walks; if the count reaches 4 balls, it will reset to 1-1.


No arguing with calls, balls/strikes, or plays in the field.


If a game ends with a foul tip by the batter, it will be ruled as caught by the catcher, and the game will remain over.



spring recess softball hittrax tourney schedule

Teams waiting to play games will have access to one additional cage to use; teams may also leave & come back for their scheduled games, schedule-permitting.



Cost: $300/team

  • Log in to your LeagueApps account.
  • Find your age group & click Register.
  • If you are registering a new team as a team coordinator, click Myself as a Staff Member. If you are registering for an existing team, click MyChild. Follow the below instructions based on your selection.


Pro tip: Once you get a team together, have one parent volunteer to be the Team Coordinator.


Team Coordinator

Responsible for the $300 team fee to enter.


  • Enter your desired team name.
  • Read and accept the waivers shown.
  • Complete payment & you’re in! Let the other members of your team know once you’ve registered, so that they can join the newly created team.



Can only register for the event once their team has registered.


  • Select the child you wish to register, or add a new child if necessary.
  • Select Team Player.
  • Select your team from the drop down menu of teams with available slots. Please make sure you communicate with your Team Coordinator so that you register for the correct team!
  • Read and accept the waivers shown
  • Click Complete & you’re in! Let your Team Coordinator know that you’ve registered for the event.

Problems with registration? Contact us at info@cadetsbaseballacademy.com