Update: This event has been pushed back to December 9th (same times). We will be streaming both classes via Zoom, and are now offering virtual admission for those who prefer to join us on this special night that way instead. We will arrange for these guests to still obtain the included educational materials that come with admission, and we will most likely reserve their copy of the materials for them to pick up at the facility when convenient for them.


The educational materials included with admission are abundant! Not only will this night offer ballplayers and their families perspective from one of baseball's best modern minds, but it will offer them the following educational materials that they will be sure to carry with them to refer back to for the rest of their careers: 

  • Q2 - Quality At-Bats - Mental Side of Hitting Audiobook (Bestseller)
  • Q2 DVD - Hitting Approach - Putting into Practice
  • Q15 - 15-Minute Pre-Game Mental Hitting Pep Talk
  • Help, I'm the Parent of a Youth Player! Parenting CD
  • Quality Pitching Audiobook
  • Springtime Digital Book - Steve Springer's Road to the Big League

On December 9th, we will be joined by MLB Mental Skills Coach Steve Springer for a one-night event for baseball and softball players of all ages.

How to Compete With Confidence with MLB Mental Skills Coach Steve Springer-page-1
How to Compete With Confidence with MLB Mental Skills Coach Steve Springer-page-2

Cost is $75 per family (one player and one family member permitted per registration). Limited spots are available - each group will be capped at 50 in-person registrations each.